So we had the chance to meet last week, and you asked me to sit on what we spoke about for a few days. I had a lot of trouble doing that - because to be honest, I've been reading job postings and looking around for new opportunities and the life that I want to create is with Trendly.

It shouldn't be about finding jobs anymore, it should be about finding your jam, owning it and sharing it with the world.  Let's start living what we're about and find a way to work together.  



It's easy to throw anyone into the mix to manage a community...if that's what you REALLY want.

But how about having an understanding, active member of the content creation world to live, breathe, and grow the community?  No community needs a dictator, they need a leader and someone they can collaborate and grow alongside.

Hi, have we met yet?  I'm Ally, and I'm the person you need to travel with, meet, build relationships alongside and get your whole community out in this world doing the exact same thing for you.  Let's build a damn Army, ya?



Managing the channels.
Engaging with the online community
Causing conversation.
Snapchat takeovers.

All things social. I like to talk to people, and I think it shows.  Aside from getting the job done, we'll work together to find innovative and creative ways to keeping this fresh and fun.


Now we're talking.

The opportunity to work on the Trendly Mag will give me the chance to showcase my abilities to tell a story, curate content and have a blast doing it. The magazine will be a creative way to push out your lifestyle to the world.

And the world needs more of it.



This is the part that excites me the most, it's the what can happen if everything comes into place.  It's the outcome of networking, collaboration, community and creation.  It's putting together a solid team to go out and build a visual experience for brands out in the world...because the only thing better than 1
                                                                                          content creator, is a team of 3 out there crushing in.

                                                                                           Adventure, travelling and destination management is my background.  Jumping in with both feet into a foreign experience is my nature. And leading it all...well,                                                                                            it's just perfect.

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