I'm a content creator, storyteller and social connector with one simple goal:


I want to post a picture and have people say "I NEED TO GO HERE", no matter where it is in the world. I want to spark excitement. I want to spark some life.

And then there's you, the facilitator; the end destination..or as the kids would say the "#LifeGoals".
You have something special that lights the spark in the eyes...and the soul.
You have access to more than just a place, you have created a life changing experience.

..and that's exactly why we should work together.


I've built an engaging following that emotionally connects with what I do.

I've done that through powerful visual and written content that builds relationships and trust.

We all know that social media has become a platform for selling. Instead of throwing up an #ad for every post, I only work with brands that authentically align with my lifestyle and I've just curated my content to have people say:

"Ok, this is amazing. Where is this place?
"I need to go here"
"Whoa. This is officially on my bucket list"

My projects creates awareness.  
My authenticity creates the spark.



Sure, it sounds amazing to quit your job and buy an around the world ticket but that's not reality for most people who fantasize about exploring the planet. I want to promote trips that people dream about. Trips that people can actually see themselves doing in the near future.

A luxury escape is possible for anyone who takes the time up to save for it. Let's an experience in LA featuring the Beverly Wilshire to the top of people's bucketlist. I'll showcase the most perfect escape...and you just have to stand there and look pretty. 


buck·et list (noun)

a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

We've all done it: caught ourselves sat there in our seat, staring off into the distance dreaming about somewhere we'd rather be. 

"Ugh. I wish..." we think to ourselves falling from our cloud nine daydream as we smack down hard, right back into the pavement that we call reality. The handful of reasons of why "I can't go just yet" start flowing through our heads.  So what do we do instead? We add it to the bucket list and get back to work.

We all have a bucket list; a list of things we need to see or do before our time playing on earth comes to an end. But what good is a list if you're not out there actively crossing items off?!  Cue my latest travel series: #TheBucketListSeries. My goal is to execute a list of trips that I've spent most of my life dreaming about and turn them into a reality. Like #TheStayCationSeries, I'll be putting together recaps of each trip for you to grab inspiration from or totally replicate for yourself!

I get it, not all of us can quit our jobs to travel the world. So I'll be keeping these trips short and sweet - giving you enough time to fit into your paid vacation time.

It's time to get out there, start crossing items off your list and experiencing moments for yourself.


I want to work together to plan out a stay that creates an exiting experience and moments worth sharing.


  • 30 edited photos for you to keep and use for your social media
  • Entire trip covered on my Instagram stories
  • Room tour on Instagram stories
  • Blog featuring an entire trip recap
  • 3 Tagged Instagram Posts
  • Optional: I can run a giveaway/contest on my social channels


  • 4 nights stay  (May 31-June 4th 2018)
  • Spa, city or featured hotel experiences that you would like featured in the blog/hotel promotions.





The ask and gives are flexible and open for discussion. I'd love to hear your feedback and work together on something that creates an exiting partnership and new relationship!



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