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    My name is Ally Pintucci, and this is Unfiltered:

The place where we leave the heavily filtered world of Instagram and talk about anything and everything, uncensored. From girl talk to personal wellness, surviving breakups, and hilarious stories in between - join me as I navigate through adulthood with real, unfiltered conversations.


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#02 w/ Carter Walls On The Power Of Stretching + Why Sitting Is The New Smoking

Listen up all you desk-sitting workaholics because this one is for you even you probably are skipping past the title.  That's right - you may think that since you're not an "athlete" your body might not be in dire need of a stretch. Think again.

I'm chatting with Carter Walls, co-founder of Stretch Body Lab, who not only talks about the importance of stretching - but what actually happens to your body when you sit all day at your desk.

This is a must-listen for all humans no matter your activity level.



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EPISODE 01 w/ Kelsey grant on dating, relationships + finding a quality partner.

Episode 1 is all about dating, love + relationships and I couldn’t think to have anyone better to kick the podcast off with the one and only Kelsey Grant.

As a Love and Relationship Educator rooted in Radical Self Love Methodology, she writes, speaks and teaches both men and women the art of accessing greater alignment with love. Her love and relationship education platform provides live events, online self-study programs, online group classes, and retreats, all designed to teach the art of uncrossing the wires of understanding between men and women.  From this, she helps build/maintain healthy relationships and sustainable partnerships.

Connect with Kelsey Grant.