Your Best girls.
in the perfect spot.
drinking lots of bubbles.
indulging + experiencing.
creating memories that last forever.

welcome to girls trip - the series that puts together the ultimate guide to an unforgettable weekend with your bffs.

Are you in?



Ally Pintucci

Commercial Photographer & Storyteller.

I'm a passion-fulled adventure seeker whose goal is to creatively tell stories about what motivates me to continue to seek a full, adventurous life.

I explore because there is no better way to exist. The traditional norm of a simple life in one place doesn't cut it; I crave the challenges of new locations and experiences. My life is a combination of curiosity, destinations, adventures, interaction, human connection, spontaneity, opportunities and reality.

I work with brands to create exciting ways to tell engaging visual stories. I hope you can be one of them!

- Ally







  • 3 nights accommodation in a “Roomy” room with two beds (March 22-25, 2019)

  • In room or hotel experience to feature in photoshoot (ex. Breakfast in Bed, Hotel Restaurant, Spa etc.)


  • 1 blog post by Ally recapping the weekend featuring your property as the official
    hotel partner for #TheGirlsTripSeries

  • 3 sponsored Instagram posts featuring @thehoxtonhotel. Option: we can have one of the posts be a giveaway!

  • Instagram stories showcasing the hotel with appropriate tags

  • 10 edited photos for you to use on your social channels.



This isn't just another influencer campaign. This is the ability to maximize quality user generated content production as well as digital marketing advertising to your target demographics. Take a peek at a past travel piece here.



I focus on working with high-end brands in the lifestyle and travel space. I’m happy to send over past examples of work and campaigns, but here are some brands to name a few.



I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to review this pitch.  If you have any feedback, additional questions or requested changes please don't hesitate to ask.  I’m about building lasting relationships vs. transactional exchanges in order to create an authentic experience from both parties during a campaign.

I can't wait to hear back from you,