Thank You!

Elle! After almost 18 hours of being in hibernation, I re-emerged to the world with energy and a huge smile on my face.  Thank you so much for everything.  It was an absolute honour to have the opportunity to be on this trip, as well as get to know the vision for China Eastern a bit better. Your energy is contagious and your vision is great. I can't wait to see how the campaign turns out and I would love to further discuss how we can continue to work together this year.

I've put together this page for your team's review. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



I was expecting a jam-packed FAM trip and an in-depth dive into the airline and hotel partners.  The trip was exactly that. Elle was an absolute joy to work with and was very educational throughout the trip. She provided the team with everything they needed and made the experience as seamless as anyone can hope for travelling.

There were no set photo deliverables, or shot list for content needed from the team (minus the photographer on the trip) and we were asked to promote the trip to our audiences in an authentic way.

The hotel was absolutely amazing, and working with them felt flawless. It felt like they really went above and beyond to make our stay special and were quite accommodating. The staff were incredible and overall felt like a great experience partnering with them!

I absolutely LOVED the itinerary. Elle did a great job of jamming the schedule with fitting activities while not wearing us out. Having this as my 5th trip to Thailand, I can say that I got a totally different experience and it was great! Great job :)

My only area of concern for the trip would be the photographer selected to travel with the group. There was no content provided to the group throughout the trip which would make it hard to promote the fam trip if there was not myself and another photographer on the trip.  There were favourites made to a specific traveller that he wanted to use for a personal gig outside of the trip. In addition, the comments made to myself and another photographer made me quite uncomfortable in only telling us that we would look good after major edits in photoshop. I was delivered one, cropped square, warped photo of myself towards the end of the trip.

My recommendation would be to use a different photographer for any upcoming events. I hope that my feedback is received with the utmost respect and constructiveness as I know these trips cost a lot of money - you deserve the best return in time and value!

Moving forward, I would absolutely love to continue a working relationship with China Eastern through an influencer programs, partnerships and content creation agreements.



I've put together an album of photos for the trip. The photos are categorized by food, hotel, activities etc. Please feel free to use the photos freely on the China Eastern social accounts. Please note that photos must be purchased or licensed for any use on website/advertisements :)

Files are available for download individually and have resolution limits. If you are finding that they are not clear for social after download, let me know and I can up the resolution!

Collection Password: nihaobangkok
Download Password: 4464



social posts

The trip was covered on my Instagram and personal Facebook page throughout the duration of the trip. I've attached some basic analytics for your review. I will most likely throw up additional photos throughout the week!