Stay-cation british columbia

w/ ally pintucci x GOlden

People are always searching for their next escape.

Seat sales.
Round the world tickets.
Backpacking through SE Asia.
Gap years in Australia.

But what about staying here?  I've travelled to over 30 countries before exploring my own backyard. 

Once I started exploring British Columbia, I realized how much I had skipped out on.

While I'm lucky to have seen so much traveling the world - this is my home..and I've set out with one mission:

Show people that they don't have to go far to travel.

I'm putting together the ultimate stay-cation series to show people what our home is all about, and supporting local, sustainable tourism while I'm at it.

Fourth stop on the series: Golden.  Are you in this with me, or what?

- Ally Pintucci