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My name is Ally Pintucci. I'm a content creator, story teller and social connector with one simple goal:


I want to post a picture and have people say "I NEED TO DO THIS", no matter where it is in the world. I want to spark excitement. I want to spark some life.

And then there's you, the facilitator; the cool things..or as the kids would say the "#Goals. You have something special that lights the spark in the eyes, and the soul. You have access to more than just a place, you have access to a life changing experience.

..and that's exactly why we should work together.


I've built an engaging following that emotionally connects with what I do. I've done that through powerful content, both images and words that build relationships and trust.

We all know that social media has become a platform for selling. Instead of throwing up an #ad for every post, I only work with brands that authentically align with my lifestyle, and I've just curated my content to have people say:

"Ok, this is amazing. Where is this place?
"I need to go here"
"I need this product"
"Added to the bucket list"

In turn, that creates awareness.  It creates the spark.


Think the great escape, but for everyday people.  

Sure, it sounds amazing to quit your job and buy an around the world ticket but that's not reality for most of the world.

My first stop on my Stay-Cation series is Tofino.  A weekend of road trips, boat rides, surf, hikes and campfires.  And it's all going down September 14-17, 2017. I'll showcase the most perfect escape, and you just have to stand there and look pretty..pretty tough.


  • 2 medium/large duffel bags
    Use: official packing bag for me + companion on a 4 day trip
  • OPTIONAL: 1 additional bag of choice/gift card to use for an instagram giveaway contest (this will instruct people to follow Filson to enter!)

Let's make people stop their scroll and be a part of something.


  • Feature in the "What's In My Bag" blog for the trip
  • Listed as sponsor for the trip
  • 1 instagram post
  • 1 instagram contest with a giveaway (optional)
  • 5 photos that you can use for your social media/website


6.7% Engagement Rate (Industry Avg 1.1%)
54% Female Followers
46% Male Followers

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