3 Spots In #SouthDakota That Need To Make Your Bucketlist

Remember watching cartoons when you were a kid and seeing four presidents' faces carved into a mountain.  Yes, that's Mount Rushmore - and it exists in real life.  I drove by to give a quick hello to the fellas and it's definitely cool to check out in real life. BUT, I've got three things that you've got to add to your list of "must do's" when you're in the Mount Rushmore state.

Because you're going, ok?



This was hands down THE highlight of my trip.  The rock formations that tower above you and come to life are full of history. These formations are some of the world's richest fossil beds. 

The history of the White River Badlands as a significant paleontological resource goes back to the traditional Native American knowledge of the area. The Lakota found large fossilized bones, fossilized seashells and turtle shells. They correctly assumed that the area had once been under water, and that the bones belonged to creatures which no longer existed.

The park offers backcountry camping, day trails and hikes, animal sightings and some of the most incredible views of the stars on a clear night.


The Black Hills are a small, isolated mountain range that extends from South Dakota all the way to Wyoming. They are home to some of the oldest caves in the United States and the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains in the USA.

The hills are home to a lot of adventures that you'll want to check out in SD, and they're all where you can have your chance to say hello to the four fellas yourself.

My recommendation: stay lakeside at Sylvan Lake Lodge and hike Black Elk Peak to get soak in the views from the highest point in SD and head over to bucket list spot number 3 when you're done.


If you're anything like me and L.O.V.E the animals this is the spot to be. The wildlife loop takes you across 18 miles of paved road through rolling hills and horizons for days.  This is where you'll spot wild bison and antelope - and if you're lucky enough to come across the begging burrows, be sure to give them some carrots.

Questions before your next trip? Let me know and I'd be happy to give some tips!




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