PHOTO BLOG ft. Camila Nakagawa x Union Swimwear

Collaborations are always a fun way to hang out with awesome people. So when Camila Nakagawa from MTV's The Challenge contacted me, I was keen to hear more about her story.

..and let's be real, I needed some answers people. What the heck goes on for real during the filming of reality TV shows? Kidding...ok half kidding.

The timing was actually perfect as I needed a subject for a shoot with Union Swimwear and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for 4 girls to come together, have some fun and make some new friends!

This is what you get when you put together a local bathing suit start up from Vancouver and a Brazilian brain + bombshell in front of the most perfect backdrop for sunset.

This is Ally Pintucci x Union Swimwear + Camila Nakagawa.