New Space, Who Dis?

Wow. It's been a heck of a few months.

A surprising job transition.
A leap into the full time freelance that I didn't think that I was ready for.
An injured back that went me from working out all the time to working out none of the time.
All of it piled on brought on heavy anxiety that I haven't felt in ages.  I gained a ton of weight, lost my motivation, didn't want to get out of bed and had to use every piece of energy to face the world with the biggest smile I could. All to get back behind closed doors and crumble.

If you're anything like me, you're an excellent fighter.  I can push through and make it work but when it really comes down to it, I never seem to be fighting for myself. Instead, I make everything else a priority and then sit and wonder why I feel like crap.

What I've learned over the last week: if you're going to fight for anything, fight for your space.  The space in your head, the space in your heart, the space that every cell in your body creates as one and the space for the air you breathe.  The space for your needs are a priority, and the only person in control of it is you. When you realize that, you'll see that no one is to blame for your space except for yourself. And now you're the only one that chooses what's  allowed in it - and what's not.

What do you need?  Make space for it, prioritize it and everything else get rid of.

You owe it to yourself.