8 Tips For Running Your Brand On Instagram

When you're on social media, your brand is your business.  It’s important to keep your content clean, consistent and organized.  I've listed a few tips for setting up and running your account to keep your brand looking fresh.

Business Is Not Pleasure.

Create a separate account for your business and keep your personal stuff separate.  If your brand is your business and you don’t want to start a new account, seriously consider deleting all of the party, dog pictures + political memes and giving your account a revamp with the tips below.

You are able to manage multiple accounts with Instagram. Instead of logging in and out each time, tap the settings button from your profile, scroll to the bottom and click “add account”. Once this is set up, you’ll be able to hold down your profile button on the bottom right to swap.


Create Your Bio.

Keep this clean and clear. Create your bio in your notepad on your phone to create line breaks and copy and paste into the Instagram Bio.  Who you are, what you do + your website. Make it easy for people to contact you.

Switch To A Business Profile.

Aside from the easy contact button, this feature will offer additional analytics for you to monitor your account and run ads.  

Plan Out Your Content.

The days of Instagram having to be instant are long gone. This is great news for you. Take time to plan out and set up your pictures and videos, edit them to make them look good, work on captions that add value to your followers and always have something to post.

It’s helpful to set up collabs and days to shoot, so you can spend a couple of hours every 2 weeks getting everything that you’ll need.  You can create content calendars for yourself and schedule posts using tools like Co-Schedule.

credit: Co-Schedule

credit: Co-Schedule

Figure Out Your Best Time To Post.

It’s best to start posting during common times that people are hanging on their phone, like later in the evening when people are winding down or at the beginning of the day while they’re enjoying morning coffees.  Test out a few options and track to see what performs best with tools like Iconosquare.

Engage With Your Community + Watch It Grow.

Ask questions in your captions, engage with people that don’t follow you, explore hashtags that are relevant to you. This will keep your current following feeling included and will help grow your community.

Simple Graphics + Text Overlay.

Looking to create some content on the go with little to no experience?  Look at tools like Canva to help create engaging content for your posts.

Consistency Is Key.

People should know what you’re about within seconds of looking at your profile. Treat your Instagram like it’s a curated collection of your life.  The colours, filters, and lighting should always be similar.  Deciding on a theme for your brand will create a visually appealing experience for your followers.  Use an app like VSCO to download filters you love and keep your content looking sharp.

Ally Pintucci is a content creator, storyteller, and social connector.  She works with brands to develop creative and innovative strategies that authentically push their visions into the world via content.