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I recently teamed up with the team over at Turning Point Cider for my latest photo campaign. I wanted to take some time share with everyone some insight on the campaign and why I decided to take it on. 

For a social media platform that started off as being a way to snap photos in the moment and share that with the world - Instagram has come far from that.  We snap photos on our cameras, edit them in Lightroom, send them back to ourselves when we think they're perfect and then upload them with a caption. Not so insta anymore...but you know what, I like that. 

It's become so accessible for people to show their work in a community that engages so well with art and is a great tool to connect photographers and brands.

Here's why I chose to team up with Turning Point Cider on my latest social campaign!

Turning Point Wanted Me To Host An Experience.
The point of this campaign was to host a weekend experience with friends, hang out and have a #StartCrisp experience.

Seemed like a no brainer. 

Experiences like this is what summer is all about for me.  We took one of my favourite drives out of town along the Sea To Sky Highway & when we got to our friend’s house in Lion’s Bay I was incredibly jealous.  

The view from the patio was insane. The smell of fresh ocean air, paired up with the most insane view.  I just had to press pause and take it in for a second. We has chased light as the sky was glowing stunning orange as it started to make it’s way behind the mountains in the distance.

We threw on some music, poured the ciders into our frosted cups and talked life.  Hands down one of the best ways to enjoy my summer nights.


You can check out some of the photos on my instagram and stay tuned for some of the pics on their Facebook and Instagram page.

Other Things You Should Know About Turning Point Cider

  • Turning Point Cider is made right here in Canada, using Canadian-grown apples, making it the perfect complement to your Canadian summer adventures.
  • Turning Point Cider is crisp, not as sweet as many other ciders and tastes perfect served cold over ice. It’s the ultimate flavourful experience.
  • Turning Point Cider is available in liquor stores in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta and on tap in B.C.
  • You must be legal drinking age to consume. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Visit turningpointcider.ca for more information!
  • Follow Turning Point Cider on Facebook and Instagram

This is a sponsored post. Must be legal drinking age.

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