There's No Place Like Home.

We're always on the hunt for the next great adventure. 

Seat sales, buckets in Thailand, waterfalls in Iceland, volcano hikes in Hawaii.  We're chasing that break for that next adventure.  But why does that have to be the be all end all?

I'm talking from experience here.  I always lived for that next break to wherever far away I could get. About a year ago I settled my roots in Vancouver and in that time, I've learned a really cool lesson:

You don't have to go far to experience the sensations you experience from travel.

When we think of travel - we look to places far away. More often than not, we don't even consider the opportunities that are down the street. Travelling in your own backyard is one of the most overlooked and cheapest ways of having more travel in your life & it's a great solution for people that struggle with time and vacation budgets.

But can I tell you a little secret?

Travelling is a mindset.

And you can keep your eyes and heart open to this way of seeing when you experience adventures right here at home.

Maybe I'm a little biased for wanting to blame Instagram on my wanderlust addiction but one of the things we want to keep proving here at Chasing Sunrise is showing people how accessible adventures are to you 30 min to 3 hours from your house - it's just a matter of you choosing to get off of your couch.

So we planned CS Hut Trip 2016.

20 people nestled in a hut 1200 metres up in the mountains surrounded but glaciers and a bright blue turquoise lake...also known as heaven.

20 people, most of which did not know each other rolled up to Vancouver Int'l Airport to exchange welcome hugs for the first time.  

We loaded into float planes and said goodbye to 3G. It's a bit nerve-racking to go into the unknown with strangers with no cell phone comfort to look to. also opens you up for the best adventure possible.

We take off and spend the next 20 minutes flying over Howe Sound and the beautiful Sea To Sky Corridor, into the tantalus range and land on water that straight up looked like blue gatorade.

We unloaded the planes and made our way to our home for the next 3 days - a place where we all got a lot more than what we expected.

Like travelling, adventure is also a mindset. And if you're open to anything, you're always in for one hell of an adventure.  From canoeing up to glaciers, climbing high to shower in waterfalls, exploring ice caves and hiking up to alpine meadows - this weekend was nothing short of adventure.

The best part about it - everyone has their own style of how they want to experience it, and we let people do just that.  There were group hikes, solo adventures & photographers shooting olympic campaigns for the Hudson's Bay Company - this weekend was people just doing their thing, and loving it.

We stripped down all of the barriers and made realize that every single person in that hut had something in common: they all wanted to experience something meaningful this weekend, they were all strangers and they were all in this together.

The great part was, that happened within the first hour of everyone settling into the hut and learning a bit about each other.  Nerves were eased and people could just start to take down their walls and experience everything around them authentically.

First and foremost, Chasing Sunrise is a community of people. Sometimes we can turn heads and give people the wrong impression about what we're about. It's not about hype, noise and big groups.

It's about encouraging people to wake up each morning and leave them with the inspiration and tools that they need to chase after whatever it is that they want in life. In doing that, we want them to do it with respect, integrity and leave every place they visit cleaner than how they found it.

Every person on that trip is now part of our family and we hope that they continue to bring more people into our community.  Our goal is to be constantly connecting like minded individuals.

Overall it was a weekend in our backyard that was not to be forgotten.  This is CS Hut Trip 2016:


You can book the Tantalus hut, or other huts through the Alpine Club of Canada here.
You can access the hut via the Lake Lovelywater Trail or by float plane or helicopter.

Special thanks to our event partners that made this contest happen.