Body Dysmorphia & Starting A Loving Relationship with Yourself

I had the chance to sit on Filip Serpinski's podcast, Your Next Chapter to openly discuss my lifestyle change, struggle with body dysmorphia and starting a loving relationship with myself.  I also touch on the beginning of When In Doubt Love and my involvement with Chasing Sunrise.

Enjoy :)

Time Notes

  • Ally’s definition of success @3:17
  • How Ally identified the changes she needed to make @7:30
  • What is body dysmorphia @12:37
  • The importance of being your #1 fan @15:18
  • The thing holding you back from loving others @17:25
  • How to respond positively to adverse feelings @29:17
  • There is no such things as diets, it’s how you live your life @34:14
  • Set yourself up for success @42:23
  • Ally’s involvement with Chasing Sunrise @43:04
  • It’s not about quitting your life, but it is about being happy @47:59
  • The first step to having a more loving relationship with yourself @52:12