Respect Your Universe. Respect Yourself. Respect Your Routine.

I lead a double life.

I’m a girl who knows what routine makes her happy.  I go to bed early so I can wake up early.  I wake up early so I can start my day with a WOD that kicks my ass.  I meal prep so I can fuel my body. I meditate to practice sense of self and mindfulness.

I’ve created a routine that works to create a path for healthy success - and like anyone who’s found their routine, you know how cranky you get when this gets disrupted.

I’m also, ironically, a woman on the run.  I crave change.  I seek adventure.  I take every opportunity I can to hop on a flight, live abroad, go on a road trip; my goal is to live a full life that comes across to others as “always being on vacation”.

While these seem like complete opposites - there is a way for these split lifestyles to co-exist.

Many of us are no stranger to the struggles of exercising, eating healthy and sticking to routine while we’re on the road.  You lose access to your familiar surroundings; no trips to your regular grocery store & you miss daily workout.

It’s pretty likely that you’ve once found yourself eating a crappy meal at an only resort restaurant or abandoning your usual exercise routine to sit for endless hours on planes, trains or buses. No matter which routine you've got your heart set on, there's a good chance it went down the drain on your last trip.

So, dear lifehacker, let’s chat about a few ways you can keep your routine when you’re on the road for work or play.

The Dreaded Airplane Food.
This one particularly goes out to people who travel on long haul international flights.  Don’t feel like you need to be confined to the options provided by the airline - you
can bring your own food.

Just like meal prepping at home requires some planning - so does your travelling.  Fruits, nuts, veggies, energy bars - pack snacks into your carry on.  Once you’ve cleared security - find some healthy eats and pass on the plane served mystery meats and starchy fillers.

It’s easy to get dehydrated up in the sky - make sure to stay hydrated and avoid pop and alcohol... even though a glass of wine does goes down nicely before a long nap in the clouds.

For those of you with multiple connections and long layovers - move.  Stretching and bodyweight exercises are game changers.  Also be sure to check out the facilities at your airport.  Sometimes you’ll luck out with a gym or yoga room.  I’ve even locked up my bags to run through the airport.

(..desperate times call for desperate measures.  For those of you that know me, I don’t run.)

Get To Know Your Surroundings.
You’ve landed, you’re there, you’re settled - so what’s around you? Do some research and see what facilities are close by.  Your hotel most likely has a gym or a pool or will be able to recommend spots to you as well.

Do you spin? Crossfit? Yoga?  Major cities will have facilities for you to drop into - and since it’s your first time there - you might be able to score a free trial.  Besides, it’s fun trying out a new facility in a foreign place.

Are you a runner?  There’s no better way to explore a new city.  Set yourself up on a little run tour through town.  Run the beach that you’re staying on.  Run the stairs out back.  

Are there any cool hikes to awesome lookout points near you?

If you can’t honestly answer yes to any of those - or hey, maybe they’re not your thing - adopt a no-equipment workout.  Body weight workouts are killer and there a ton of options that you can find online or through apps.

There will always be options to get your sweat on.

Accommodation Options
I always opt for AirBnb before hotels.  It makes it way easier to eat healthier if I can cook for myself.  If that’s not an option, try and seek out hotel rooms with kitchenettes.

Regardless of where you end up staying, make sure to find the grocery stores near you and the healthier options to pop in at.  

Because if you don’t do that, you know you’re opting in for a 6 pack of nugs somewhere.

At the end of the day your exercise and health need to remain your constant while travelling.  You know that you can commit at least 30 minutes a day to yourself to get your workout in - no excuses.

You owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to get it in.  If you can understand the importance of keeping up your routine even when you’re travelling - you’ll be able to return home feeling good about yourself & reclaim your style on home turf.

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