"it's expensive to stay broken"

photo: Ally Pintucci

photo: Ally Pintucci

I'm scrolling down my Facebook feed and I see these words pop up:

"It's expensive to stay broken".

For the last two days, it's all I've been thinking about. 

There are a few ways you can interpret it when you lay eyes on it and the words flow though your brain. But I guess it hit so deep when I think of how much you, yourself, can be your biggest road blocking hurdle in life.

I see broken as a barrier that you create; when you choose to be unhappy about something, when you choose to not make change, how you choose to react to other people's behaviour towards you.  
The barrier is your ability to not use freedom of choice.  You hold yourself back when you don't explore the idea of choice. 

Deciding you can't.
Deciding it's not possible.
Deciding you are not able.

Settling because you don't think you're capable.

We're all guilty of it in one way or another. Be conscious of it. 

It's expensive to stay broken because you don't allow yourself to grow. You allow negatives to outweigh positives & you close doors to potential and opportunity. 

It's expensive to stay broken because you lose so much more by not doing anything about it. 

It's expensive to stay broken because you stay in your comfort zone, you stay stagnant...

And if you're not moving forward, where are you even going?