Experiencing the Sony Xperia X Performance

I recently teamed up with Sony Mobile Canada to capture exciting #LifeMoments.

“Sitting atop of the Xperia X Series, this particular device has the most intelligent camera and performance of the line-up. The blazing-fast processing speed and real-time high definition graphics of the Xperia X Performance enables users to experience and capture all of life’s moments as they happen”

“So what you’re saying is - you want me to go outside, play with this camera phone and tell you what you think?!”

Challenge accepted.

A package arrived at my desk less than 48 hours later and I unboxed by shiny white new friend and got it all set up.  This thing was going to stay with me in my jacket pocket and backpack for the next few weeks and come with me on all of my adventures - planned or not.

First thing’s first: this tiny thing packs a 23 MP camera!
Most of my weekends are spent outdoors in the mountains - but my day to day running social media and content at RYU Apparel means that I need my phone on me at all times. Perfect product shots and placements on the go are a must.  

Below is a sample product shot taken without editing - a content creator’s dream.

Predictive Hybrid Autofocus.
When you’re on the move, you gotta be able to react quickly to capture moments. This camera technology tracks your focus subject as it moves, always keeping my subject sharp.  It was cool to see this my camera know where my subject was moving and I had absolutely no idea.

What a smartphone, hey?!

The Quick Launch
Let’s talk about the process of snapping a picture here for a second.  Let’s say you’re out and about and you see something that you gotta snap a photo of.  You’re usually in a panic stumbling for your phone and getting the camera.

Imagine picking up your phone swiping your screen from the corner and in 0.6 seconds your phone already snaps the pic?

Ya, that happened.  

On top of those features, the phone allowed me to shoot video with their SteadyShot feature that stabilized and smoothed all my bumpy walking and wobbly pans - and I did all of this with a dedicated camera button on the side that doubled as a shutter click.

This campaign was such a blast.  Getting outside to play with the camera and actually get a chance to interact with the brand was great.


You can pick up the Sony Xperia X Performance for $0 on a two-year term at Bell and Rogers. Have fun capturing all of this season’s #LifeMoments!

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