"Do, or Do Not. There Is No Try."

I say "I can't" a lot without realizing the negative effects that it has on me. 

Whether it be trying a heavy lift at Crossfit, trying to hold a handstand or getting through my morning meditations on days when shutting my brain off seems impossible...I say "I can't" as an excuse to stop on a bad day.  It's my cop out.

I've never seen Gordon mad before.  We were at the gym one day, I tried to lift something..it was heavy.  I laughed, put the bar down and said "too heavy, I can't".  He was furious and said "Ally, you can't means you won't".  

Called out.  

That hit me so deep. Those words have been sitting pretty hard on me these last couple of weeks.  It's crazy how many barriers and excuses we create for ourselves. 

If you wan't something, do it.  Set a goal or an intention, wake up and work for it..because saying "I can't" means you don't want it bad enough.

Ally PintucciComment